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About Us

The Owners: Philip and Angela

We are from New England and appreciate getting away to warmer temperatures during the winter and planning a summer escape on the Cultural Coast of Florida or as we like to call our second home Longboat Key. We purchased this condo in 2002 after having a few disappointments while renting at other locations. We have enjoyed many vacations spent in Longboat Key and treasure the memories of our children having fun as they grew up. It is a great place for kids, a great place for families, and a great place for anyone whether you want to just relax or explore. To be honest, most families tell me that the pool is the best part for the kids. Long after their stay, the pool is what they are still talking about. Our family enjoyed all of our sunset swims while watching the sunsets night after night. There is also a grill available to cook on if you just want to stay at home and relax for an evening. Playing catch with a baseball, throwing a Frisbee, a quick game of touch football, flying kites, riding bikes, or just exploring has been great fun over the years. We hope you enjoy your stay as much as we do. Thank you.

Why Did We Choose LBK?

We have been traveling to Longboat Key for 25 years. We have known many friends that stayed on LBK also. After traveling to many islands, foreign countries, and cruises, we realized what a gem Longboat Key really is. The people that you meet in LBK are truly friendly. With so many things to do on the Key and surrounding areas, you can stay very busy or you can choose to just beach it. There is a sophisticated side to LBK also with the many restaurants and boutiques to visit. Or you can go fishing! Choose your own fun! Plan your adventure! Visit Longboat Key!

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